Location:Cluster Springs, VA

About Omegatrace: I have Metroid Prime Hunters and wi-fi so if you want to make a match then contact me, I am ready almost all the time. Only lost to cheaters. :/ No one is trusted... ☆ I am a rp person but I rp about Metroid. ☆ RP info~ Join Current Name: Sylux Age: Unkown The Species: Unknown Alt. Form: Lockjaw Navy! Ability: Absorb Power if using Shock Coil Weapons Regular Form: Power Beam, Missile, BattleHammer, Judicator, Volt Driver, Magmaul, Shock Coil, and Imperialist. Weapons Alt. Form: Bombs. ---------------------------------------------------------------- I have wi-fi for it so if you want to play Metroid Prime Hunters then contact me. If you can read this you are gay! But if girl Les. What color are you? You are Mean! You are Scared! You are Happy! You are Sick! You are Depressed! You are Worried! You are Loved! You are Eco! You are Serious! You are Sad! If you can read this you are cool. If I can Read this Then I am Insaulting your Mind !!!